Materials List: Linking Sources and Pollutants

Each group needs:

To share with the entire class:

  • 2 air quality monitors, such as a rented AQ-IQ Kit (containing 2 Pods, which are low-cost air quality monitors) from the University of Colorado Boulder, or another low-cost monitor with multiple gas-phase sensors; see the Other section for details on obtaining the Pod or alternate monitors
  • pollutant sources; for a class of 28 students, provide about 10 items (2 of each pollutant type) that give off combustion byproducts or VOCs, such as lighters, candles, rubbing alcohol, wooden coffee stir sticks to burn, super glue, a Bunsen burner to burn natural gas, human breath, etc.
  • safety glasses, enough for two teams of students testing with the two Pods
  • computer and projector, for the teacher to plot and display class data