Materials List: Combustion and Air Quality:
Emissions Monitoring

Before the activity, each student needs:

Each group needs:

To share with the entire class:

  • 1-2 air quality monitors, such as a rented AQ-IQ Kit (containing 2 Pod low-cost air quality monitors) from the University of Colorado Boulder, or other low-cost monitors with multiple gas-phase sensors; see the Other section for details on obtaining the Pod (or alternate) monitors
  • box or plastic container on which to position the monitor near the tailpipes (see Figure 3)
  • watch, to measure test times
  • ruler, to measure tailpipe-to-monitor distances
  • 2-4 vehicles, from which to test exhaust emissions; it is best if the vehicles differ in engine size, fuel type, age and/or condition
  • a computer/projector system, for the teacher to show one or two online videos, show the (optional) Pre-Activity Presentation, and plot the data for the class discussion