Materials List: Repairing Broken Bones

For the teacher's introductory presentation:

  • Bone Repair Challenge (ppt)
  • computer and LCD projector to show a PowerPoint presentation (or make overhead transparencies of the PPT file and use an overhead projector)

Each group needs:

For the entire class to share:

[Note: These supplies depend on student designs, so wait to purchase them after designs are finalized.]

  • ~1 yard (~1 m), half-inch diameter steel or aluminum rod
  • ~20 metal screws (suggestion: 10 half-inch long plus 10 one-inch long)
  • epoxy
  • metal strip (sold in coils at hardware stores, usually with plumbing supplies; already has screw holes in it)
  • 1-2 extra turkey bones
  • other materials or supplies that students include in their designs

Suggested tools:

[Use any of these items that are accessible; a machine shop may have some items]

  • drill (a drill press is preferred, but a hand drill is okay)
  • hack saw
  • screw driver
  • (optional) tile drill bit (makes drilling into bone easier and less likely to crack)