Materials List: Convertible Shoes:
Function, Fashion and Design

Gather all materials in advance of the activity and allow students to choose from the pre-selected materials as they design. Alternatively, have students compile a materials list within a set budget after the research phase of the design process, and buy exactly what they request. Materials are available at hardware, office supply and fabric/craft stores.

Note: An infinite number of materials can be used for this activity. The wider the selection of materials available, the more elaborate and creative student shoe designs can be. Feel free to add anything to the supply list that looks interesting or useful. Other optional materials might include: balsa wood, foam, zippers, etc.

Each group needs:

  • foam core board, 8-in x 11-in (20-cm x 28-cm) size (available at hardware and office supply stores)
  • thin rubber sheets, 7-in x 11-in x 0.25-in (18-cm x 28-cm x .64-cm) size (look in the plumbing section of a hardware store)
  • bendable, flat metal strip for support of high heel sole, 1-in x 6-in x 0.1-in (2.5-cm x 15-cm x .25 cm)
  • wooden dowels for shoe heel, 1-3-in (2.5-cm - 7.6-cm) long, of varied thicknesses
  • ½-in (1.27-cm) hinges
  • material for the body of the shoe (look in the fabric store scrap pile)
  • shoe laces
  • buckles
  • button clasp
  • Velcro
  • other types of fasteners
  • butcher block paper and pencils, for brainstorming ideas and design sketching
  • Static Forces Worksheet, two per group

For the entire class to share:

  • scissors
  • needles and thread
  • duct tape
  • epoxy
  • rubber cement
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • screwdrivers and screws
  • drill
  • (optional) computer with CAD program
  • (optional) video camera to film group 30-second shoe commercials