Materials List: Drawing Designs in Detail

Each student needs:

  • LEGO brick, corner brick 2 x 2 / 45° inside, Element ID: 4218890 (see Figure 1); order from, $1 each; allow at least four weeks for delivery
  • 8½ x 11-inch unlined paper (such as blank copier or printer paper)
  • pencil
  • ruler (metric with mm resolution)
  • Hex Cylinder Drawing Handout

For the entire class to share:

  • wooden block, with approximate dimensions of 4 x 2 x 1-inch (10 x 5 x 2.5-cm)
  • simple-shaped drinking glass, such as one with sloped sides so the top rim diameter is wider than the base diameter (see Figure 1)
  • cardboard box; must have a lid, or a top of some sort to conceal the inside of the box, and be large enough to hold a typical drinking glass
  • Example Block Detail Drawing
  • Example Brick Detail Drawing
  • Hex Cylinder 3D Answer
  • (optional) computer and (free) eDrawing viewer software from SolidWords (see Additional Multimedia Support and Assessment sections)

Two 3D renderings: (left) A Lego brick cube with three bumps on its top side and a corner slice removed from its top front corner. (right) A drinking glass with smooth sides, and top opening wider than its base.
Figure 1. LEGO brick no. 4218890, and example simple drinking glass.
Copyright © 2010 Benjamin S. Terry, ITL Program, University of Colorado Boulder