Materials List: Fancy Feet!
Stress & Strain Forces in Shoe Design

Each group needs:

  • paper and markers, or colored pencils, for design sketches
  • foam core board; available at hardware, art, craft, hobby and office supply stores in 32-inch x 40-inch [81 cm x 102 cm] sheets; each team needs a half a sheet at a minimum; a full sheet per group is optimal to take cutting or design iterations into account
  • markers, for writing on foam core
  • Xactoâ„¢ knife, for cutting foam core, plus extra new blades, as necessary
  • rulers; metal edge preferred
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • assorted decorating materials such as ribbon, markers, paint, buttons and construction paper
  • Foam Core Tips
  • Fancy Feet Steps