Materials List: Soil Core Sampling

Each group needs:

  • ruler
  • 6-inch (15-cm) clear test tube, or any long, cylindrical object, so long as it is clear (so the soil layers can be seen), even plastic soda and water bottles with the top necks cut off
  • Soil Core Worksheet, one per team

For the entire class to share:

  • pipe cleaners or wire
  • tape
  • cardboard
  • 1 cardboard box (or plastic box or bin), at least 30cm wide x 45cm long x 20 cm high, in which to layer soil types
  • sand, such as playground sand
  • gravel, such as pea-sized playground gravel
  • soil, such as potting soil
  • dirt
  • clay

Note: Exact material quantities necessary for the activity will vary depending upon class size. Obtain enough materials to create a layered soil sample in the box.