Materials List: Math Relationships:
Scale Model Building Project

Each student needs:

  • rulers
  • graph paper
  • pencils
  • an object of his/her choice, to create a scale model of; this is open-ended; might be brought from home or found in the classroom; might be simple like books, erasers and sticky note pads, or more complex like canned/boxed food items and sports equipment
  • scale model building materials, for students to acquire and use at home; this is open-ended; consider providing some basic materials and tools such as cardboard, cardstock, construction paper, foam core board, markers, paint, toothpicks, contact paper, foam, papier-mâché, tape, hot glue, depending on the original objects
  • Project Overview and Rubrics
  • Choosing a Scale Worksheet
  • Area and Volume Worksheet

To share with the entire class: