Materials List: Using Hooke's Law to Understand Materials

Each group needs:

  • set of two (or more) springs of differing stiffness (for example, five color-coded springs 30 cm in length in a storage box, at, for $39)
  • ruler (such as 12-inch wooden or plastic ruler with English or metric scales marked, for ~$1)
  • spring scale with 10 N capacity (for example, a tubular spring scale measuring grams and Newtons, at, for $5)
  • ring stand (for example, a stamped steel support ring stand with a 4 x 6-in base and 5/16 x 18-in rod, at, for $7)
  • 3-inch ring stand attachment from which to hang springs (for example,, for ~$5)
  • lab notebooks or paper, and pencils
  • Hooke's Law Data Analysis Worksheet, one per student
  • access to a computer with Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet/graphing application

To share with the entire class: