Materials List: Preconditioning Balloons:
Viscoelastic Biomedical Experiments

Each group needs:

  • ring stand
  • ring stand attachment, from which to hang the paper clips, balloon and spring scale, (for example, 3-inch diameter ring support for $5.20 at Home Training Tools)
  • 2 large wire paper clips
  • 1 water balloon (for example, 50 Water Balloon Bombs for $1.75 at
  • spring scale with 5 Newton capacity (for example, Tubular Spring Scale 500g/5N for $5 at
  • 1 measuring ruler (with metric units)
  • computer with Microsoft Excel or similar software application
  • Preconditioning Balloons Data Analysis Worksheet, one per person

To share with the entire class:

  • roll of masking or scotch tape, to adhere ruler to ring stand (each group needs two, 2-inch pieces)
  • (optional) computer and projector to show the Preconditioning Balloons Lab Steps PowerPoint file