Materials List: Acoustic Mirrors

Each group needs:

  • computer
  • microphone, such as the Cyber Acoustic CVL-1064 Desktop Microphone  at Amazon
  • Audacity software, free audio editing and recording software; downloaded from
  • musical instrument, such as a clarinet, recorder, violin, viola, tuning fork or “boomwhackers,” available at
  • 12-inch hollow Styrofoam dome/half-sphere, used as an acoustic mirror; see Figure 8; available at craft stores such as the 12-inch Smoothfoam Half Ball at JOANN; domes are reusable for future classes
  • 12 x 12-inch piece of cardboard, for the base of the acoustic mirror; size may vary
  • 4 x 2-inch piece of Velcro tape; available at craft and hardware stores such as; alternatively, use another type of tape or adhesive to attach the Styrofoam dome to the cardboard
  • meter stick
  • KWL Chart, one per student
  • Acoustic Mirrors Analysis Worksheet, one per student