Materials List: Trigonometric Functions in My Heart:
Modeling PPG Pulses with Basic Trigonometric Functions

Each group needs:

  • Personal computer, preferably running Windows software with the Snipping Tool installed
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MS-Excel PPG-Pulse-Analysis-GUI to analyze photoplethysmography
  • CMS-50D Plus Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with mini USB interface and computer software assistant, available online or CONTEC CMS-P PC-based pulse oximeter blood oxygen SPO2 monitor+PC software+USB, available online
    • Note: in the event pulse oximeters are not available, use data from a database of PPG pulses + graph analysis worksheets in Excel. Shimmer, a company that produces wearable wireless sensing products, has sample Pulse PPG data available for download. Have students create a pulse amplitude vs time graph for 5 seconds of data.

To share with the entire class: