Materials List: Powering a Device Using Food

For the teacher, selected videos are provided to assist with the activity:

Each group needs:

  • two or three different types of fruits, such as a lemon, orange, grapefruit or a vegetables, such as, a potato, cucumber (or a pickle), or onion
  • penny or copper strip
  • galvanized zinc nail or screw
  • folded strip of aluminum foil
  • 3 wires with alligator clips attached
  • 2 coated electrical wires
  • disposable gloves (1 pair per student)
  • Student Lab Handout

In addition to the materials listed above, students should have access to the following items either at their group table or in a centralized location in the classroom:

  • multimeter
  • ruler
  • LED bulbs
  • calculators
  • breadboard (optional)
  • cleaning materials (such as cleaning cloths or paper towels)