Materials List: Paper Circuits Greeting Cards

Each student/card needs:

  • adhesive-backed copper tape, 5-mm width, ~18-inches per card; such as from a spool of 50 feet for $3 from SparkFun at
  • 1 (or more) LED; use the smallest size you can find so it does not add much bulk to the folded greeting card, such as 3-mm size for 35¢ each; for extra flair, consider using 3-mm, color-changing cycling RGB LEDs for 50¢ each; alternatively, cut apart individual LEDs from a set of LET string lights and then use a hobby knife to scrape the coating off the wires before using OR experiment with different LEDs to find what works best for the project objectives
  • coin cell battery, 12-mm size, such as SparkFun’s CR1225 for $2
  • LilyPad Button Board for $1.50 OR LilyPad Slide Switch for $2.50
  • 2 sheets of cardstock, 8.5 x 11-inch, may be different colors, on which the teacher prints a template
  • I <3 U Template, Pixel Heart Template or Frame Template, one template per student/card; printed out on cardstock (2 pages per template)
  • (optional) vellum or parchment paper, to create a diffused effect for LEDs, such as in the center of the heart in the I <3 U design
  • scissors or hobby knife (can share among a few students)
  • needle nose pliers, to bend wire (can share among a few students)

To share with the entire class:

  • clear tape
  • glue stick or glue
  • decorating supplies such as stickers, markers, paper and paints, to embellish card designs
  • Making Light-Up Pop-Up Greeting Cards Presentation, a PowerPoint® file, to project to the class, make selected handouts or use as a teacher preparation resource