Materials List: Stop the Stretching

To build one test station:

  • link chain, at least a 14' section (make sure the links fit around a 3/8" bolt)
  • 8" section of link chain
  • 2 3/8"x6" round head bolts threaded entire length
  • 6 3/8" hex nuts
  • duct tape
  • 5-gallon bucket with strong handle (such as a school floor wax bucket)
  • small pea stones (uniform size) or sand, enough to fill the 5-gallon bucket (sand is messier)
  • ruler
  • small coffee can, 16-ounce size
  • scale, to weigh sand or stones

For one sample (each team needs 4 sample sets):

  • 1 strip of plastic sheet, 4mm x 3" x 18" long (1 mil = 1/1000"); purchase a roll of plastic sheeting at a hardware store like Home Depot; do not use trash bags
  • 5' masking tape
  • 5' string

Tools for sample construction:

  • rulers
  • scissors
  • marker