Materials List: Making Moon Craters

For the class demonstration (or each group):

  • large square plastic container or small roasting tray, at least 12 x 12 x 5 inches (or more) deep
  • flour to fill the container or tray to a depth of at least 4 inches (~$4 for a 5-pound bag)
  • plastic Easter egg shell, such as at Party City
  • 10 pennies (each penny is 2.4 g), for weight inside the plastic egg
  • short ruler, 12 inches or less, including metric marks
  • notecard
  • materials to lay under/around the flour tray for easier cleanup,, such as a tarp, ground cloth, newspapers, butcher paper or large plastic bags
  • yardstick (or meter stick)
  • pile of books, bricks, or something similarly heavy, to prop up the yardstick near the flour tray
  • Moon Craters Worksheet, one per student

Materials for optional activity:

  • smart phone, one that you are okay dropping to the floor from a height of 2 feet
  • small foam pad or padded surface on which the smart phone can fall, to reduce the risk of breaking it
  • download Freefall Highscore, a smartphone app

For the entire class to share:

  • graph paper and pencil, for each student
  • short rulers, for graphing
  • capability to project in the classroom a PowerPoint® file, Moon Crater Quizzes & Answers
  • (optional) capability to show the class an online video