Materials List: Sliding Textbooks

Each group needs:

  • table or desk
  • string, a bit more than 2 meters
  • measuring tape, at least 1 meter long
  • stopwatch
  • textbook that weighs 0.5-0.75 kg (~1-1.7 lbs)
  • ~60 cm (~24 in) length of one material; choose from wax paper, plastic wrap, baking parchment paper, aluminum foil (or any other provided by the teacher)
  • tape
  • plastic soda bottle with cap, 12 oz. (≈ 355 ml), with a small hole pierced in the cap
  • room temperature water and sink/drain
  • graduated cylinder, to measure water
  • tool to pierce hole in cap for string
  • graph paper
  • Sliding Textbooks Worksheet, one per student
  • scale, to weigh the water bottle (class can share a scale, or obtain water bottle weights in advance)
  • (optional) calculator
  • (optional) pulley with table clamps (see the Activity Extensions section)