Materials List: Measuring Lava Flow

Each group needs:

  • 3 transparencies with a grid of -cm2 boxes photocopied on it (use Blank Graph Paper for the grid)
  • 1 graduated cylinder (at least 10 ml)
  • materials from one of the following three different experimental groups:
  1. Viscosity-measuring group materials: 8 ml liquid soap, 1 T salt, 5 ml water, 4 small cups, eyedropper
  2. Volume-measuring group materials: 18 ml liquid soap, small cup
  3. Slope-measuring group materials: 9 ml liquid soap, 1 pencil, small cup, and 1 small circular wooden dowel (such as a medical applicator stick, 1/12-inch diameter x 6-inch long [~2.1-mm x 15.2-cm], available from medical products companies, such as Puritan Medical Products)
  • paper towels, sponges and water (for clean-up)
  • Measuring Lava Flow Worksheet, one per student
  • (optional) cardboard box or plastic tub to organize a group's various materials
  • (optional) containers or squeeze bottles for liquid soap (to make measuring easier and tidier)
  • (optional) plastic pipettes, instead of pouring soap

For the teacher to demonstrate the procedure:

  • 1 grid transparency and few ml of liquid soap
  • (optional) overhead projector