Materials List: Robot Sensors and Sound

Each group needs:

  • Audacity software, for recording and editing sound; free download at
  • computer with the Audacity software installed
  • computer microphone, available at electronics stores such as RadioShack® or Best Buy®
  • Sound Pre-Quiz, one per student
  • Sound Worksheet, one per student
  • Sound Post-Quiz, one per student

To share with the entire class:

  • Robot Sensors and Sound Presentation, Microsoft® PowerPoint® file
  • computer and projector to show the presentation
  • (optional) 4 LEGO® robot sensors: light, touch, sound and ultrasonic, as provided in the LEGO MINDSTORMS® Education NXT Base Set (for this activity, the sensors are only needed to show students; photos of the sensors are also pictured in the slide presentation)