Materials List: Consult for the Conductive Circuit Card Company

Each student receives the Circuit Card Company Conductive Paint Report.

Each group needs a pre-made card element with copper tape by the teacher which uses:

  • 3-volt cell CR2032 battery
  • 3 mm through-hole LED, available online
  • two ~5 cm pieces of copper tape
  • transparent tape
  • a choice of decorations or printed designs for the front of the card (see below for details on LED and batteries)

Each group needs:

  • paint brushes, sponge paint brushes or cosmetic sponges
  • conductive paint or a small container of copper paint; conductive and copper paints are available online
  • water container (to clean brushes)
  • paper towels
  • transparent tape
  • pre-cut stencils from transparencies, available online
  • pens

To share with the entire class on a Resource Table:

  • cardstock: a Blank Template pre-printed using your own images or those from the Template 1 or Template 2 in the attachments and pre-cut; four card elements from each piece of standard printer paper
  • scissors
  • art supplies such as markers, stickers, pre-printed images, pre-cut shapes, glue, glitter, magazine pages, construction or other colored paper
  • (optional) blow dryer for drying paint
  • (optional) multimeter(s) for Extension 1, and for older students, extra cardstock, paint for resistance test cards.
  • (optional) extra paper for Extension 2
  • (optional) copper tape, extra LEDs, batteries and cardstock for Extension 3, the two-LED activity