Materials List: Identifying Gait Metrics

Each group needs:

  • accelerometer, see below for suggested Vernier and smartphone app options
  • belt, strap, or some way to attach accelerometer to a person's lower back
  • computer with Microsoft Excel®, or similar program
  • (optional) capability to video record the human subject gaits; such as with a cell phone.
  • Identifying Gait Metrics Activity Assessment, one per student

To share with the entire class:

  • several students and/or adults of different physical characteristics to serve as human subjects; find persons that are tall, short, heavy, light, men, women, older, younger, etc.
  • (optional) Four Questions Visual Aid

The author used Vernier's internal 3-axis accelerometer of the LabQuest 2, available for $329. Vernier also has a 1-axis accelerometer for $89 and a 3-axis accelerometer for $99. For data collection, those sensors require an interface to connect to a computer and Logger Lite software, which can be downloaded for free. The 1-axis accelerometer is compatible with Vernier's Go!Link interface for $61. The least-expensive interface option for the 3-axis accelerometer is the LabQuest Mini for $149, but it will also work with a LabQuest. Below are links to the mentioned products:

As another alternative, have students download an app to access data from the internal accelerometer of a smartphone (or tablet or other device). Many free or low-cost accelerometer apps are available through Google Play for Android devices. For example, the "Physics Toolbox Accelerometer" by Vieyra Software was successfully tested and data was collected and transferred to a computer.