Materials List: Design a Soundproof Room

Each group needs:

  • shoe box or tissue box with the top removed (note: each group’s boxes should be roughly the same size; have the students determine this during the Decibels and Acoustical Engineering lesson)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • roll of tape

To share with the entire class:

  • portable speaker and two smart phones (for decibel testing and sound generation)
  • two apps from the App store:
  • Tone Generator
  • Decibel X: dB, dBA Noise Meter
    • bubble wrap (cut into 30 cm x 30 cm pieces)
    • steel wool        
    • Play-doh            
    • parchment paper (cut into 10 cm x 15 cm pieces)
    • aluminum foil (cut into 10 cm x 15 cm pieces)
    • sponges           
    • Styrofoam plates          
    • felt (cut into 10 cm x 15 cm pieces)
    • notecards         
    • painter’s tape   
    • cotton balls       
    • newspaper       
    • computer paper
    • straws 
    • paper plates       
    • craft pom-pomspipe cleaners   
    • corkboard
    • fleece (cut into 10 cm x 15 cm pieces)
    • craft sticks       
    • foam sheets     

Note: see Post-Introduction Assessment for more information on how much material students are allowed to use in their design. Depending on the class size, this will determine how much material to purchase.