Materials List: Wind Makes the Wheels Go ‘Round

To share with the entire class:

  • chart paper or large sticky notes
  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Picture Book Edition by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer
  • other books about cars, wind energy, wind powered objects (windmills, wind turbines, gliders, sail boats, etc. – optional)
  • box fan
  • wooden cars
  • chenille pipe cleaners
  • paper (different thickness)
  • plastic material (different thicknesses)
  • popsicle sticks
  • hot glue gun/hot glue sticks
  • toilet tissue/paper towel rolls
  • different types of tape (clear, masking, duct)
  • white glue and/or glue sticks
  • scissors
  • plain paper for drawing potential designs

Each group needs: