Materials List: Concrete Composites Lab

To make concrete composites each group needs:

  • 2 silicone molds
  • plastic cup
  • plastic spoon

For the entire class to share:

  • scale
  • water
  • bag of pure cement
  • bag of Quikrete
  • composite mix-ins:
    • black carbon (required)
    • wood shavings, plastic shavings, and/or metal shavings (optional)

To test concrete composites each station needs its own direction slide. You can include more test or exclude tests listed below depending on what materials are readily available in your classroom.

  • Physical Property Observations Station: Leading question station handout
  • Physical Property Measurement Station: scale, ruler, calculator
  • Drop Test Station: dropper, water, soap, rubbing alcohol, phone or camera
  • Solubility Station: cup, spoon, water, scissors (optional)
  • Hardness Test Station: Density Cubes Kit (available online:
  • Strength Test Station: buckets, string, scissors, weights (5 lb increments)
  • Acid vs. Base Drop Test Station: hydrochloric acid (HCl), bleach, dropper

For each student:

  • eye protection
  • chemical-resistant gloves
  • laboratory protective equipment (as needed)