Materials List: Proof of Concept:
Miracle Drug Encapsulation

Each group needs:

  • 1 perforated, hollow plastic ball, such as a 4-inch diameter Wiffle® ball; such as a pack of 6 for $5.49 at Target (see Figure 1); save any plastic netting that comes with the packaging
  • colorful drink flavoring powder, such as a Kool-Aid® packet for 20¢ at grocery stores or as available in multi-serving containers
  • There Will Be Drugs Worksheet, one per student
  • (optional) computers/tablets with Microsoft® PowerPoint® or other drawing application, for students to draw design diagrams; alternative: have students draw by hand using paper and pencil
    Two photographs in a school lab shows an assortment of supplies collected for the activity; items include three packets of white, perforated, hollow plastic Wiffle® balls in plastic netting (six balls per packet), containers of Kool-Air® mix, two packets of balloons, three bottles of glue, plastic paint tray liners, stacks of cardboard pieces and white paper, dish foam roll, roll of weed barrier fabric, rolls of tape, four rolls paper towels.
    Figure 1. Activity materials.
    Copyright © 2015 Megan Ketchum, College of Engineering, University of Houston

General prototype fabrication supply materials (suggestions; add or omit as desired):

  • paper towels
  • newspaper
  • printer paper
  • cardboard
  • shop towels, such as a three-pack for $6.28 at Home Depot
  • dish packing foam, such as a 50-ft dish foam roll for $7.48 at Home Depot
  • weed-barrier landscape fabric, such as 3-ft x 50-ft roll for $9.97 at Home Depot
  • plastic cling wrap
  • bubble wrap
  • balloons
  • papier-mâché materials (again, just a suggestion; add or omit as desired)
  • flour
  • glue, such as Gorilla Wood Glue® and/or Elmer's® glue
  • duct tape
  • masking tape
  • paint tray liner, such as one for 98¢ at Home Depot

Testing materials (ideally one testing station per group; see Figure 2):

  • buckets, sinks, tubs or a small plastic pool, such as 5-gallon buckets for $3 each at hardware stores
  • water and sink; if drink mix colors the water, replace with clean water for next test
  • waterproof weights, such as metal washers or bricks
  • lightweight plastic netting, saved from the Wiffle® ball packaging
  • string or twine; use the string, netting and weights to hold the prototypes underwater during testing
  • stopwatches or other timers

To share with the entire class:

  • scissors
  • extra paper for sketching