Materials List: Would You Drink That?

Each group needs:

To share with the entire class:

  • incubator, large enough to hold all Petri dishes (see ideas for incubator alternatives in the Troubleshooting Tips section)
  • computer with internet connection to show online video
  • (optional) projector to show video
  • bleach, for ensuring all bacteria are destroyed, and for clean-up
  • bucket, to hold bleach/water solution for soaking/cleaning Petri dishes
  • soap and water, for clean-up

For teacher to prepare liquids for Jars A, B and C:

  • two 500-ml beakers
  • 1/4 raw chicken breast
  • graduated cylinder, to measure water
  • 3 clear glass jars with lids, each large enough to hold ~ 100 ml
  • masking tape and marker, to label jars
  • broken twigs, pebbles, grass blades
  • liquid food coloring (for drops of blue, yellow, green, red)
  • 3 spoons or glass stirrers
  • tap water
  • hot plate, for boiling water
  • timer, to measure boiling time