Materials List: Nanoparticles & Light Energy Experiment:
Quantum Dots and Colors

Each group needs:

  • cardboard shoe box
  • black light bulb (such as Smart Electric 60W A19 black light bulb, model #110 for $5.02 at The Home Depot)
  • desk lamp compatible with A19 type bulb (suitable lamps may be available in school labs)
  • black construction paper, 4 sheets
  • test tube holder (or similar fixture) for holding quantum dot vials
  • stopwatch
  • Quantum Dots and Colors Worksheet, one per student

To share with the entire class:

  • quantum dots of various particle sizes (obtain a minimum of three different particle sizes; see suggested sources listed below, such as LumidotTM quantum dot kits, which include various size ranges for demonstrations)
  • 2 packages of 50, 9 x12-inch black construction paper ($1.49/pack, available at Office Depot)
  • masking tape and marker, to label vials with particle size of solution
  • tape (or glue)
  • scissors

Three source options for quantum dot solutions:

  1. CDSe 5 ml solutions individually purchased for $194 per 5 ml solution, such as part #662429 at SigmaAldrich
  2. LumidotTM CDSe-6 quantum dot nanoparticles kit for $687, such as #662593-1KT at SigmaAldrich
  3. Contact a local university biochemistry or chemistry program to request sample quantum dot solutions for classroom use; ask for a minimum of 5-10 ml per solution per group