Materials List: Sensory Toys Make Sense!

Each group needs:

To share with the entire class:

  • pencils, paper (or notebooks), rulers
  • computers with internet access, for conducting research (as needed) and preparing presentations
  • a wide range of materials and fasteners for fabricating the sensory toy devices, such as various woods, plastics, metals, cardboard, rope, fabric, glue, tape, etc.
  • hand and/or machine tools for cutting, shaping, forming, joining, assembling and finishing student designs, such as rulers or tape measures, hand or power saws and drills, scissors, hot glue, super glue, etc.
  • laptop with Internet access and projector, to show the class the Visual Aids (three slides) and a four-minute online video; alternatively use an overhead projector, print the slides as handouts, or write them on the classroom board
  • PowerPoint® or Prezi (free) software for preparing and making group presentations; alternatively, provide poster board and markers