Materials List: Reaction Exposed:
The Big Chill!

Each group needs:

  • 8 g citric acid (C6H8O7)
  • 10.4 g sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • 40 ml water
  • 2 quart-size ziplock bags
  • thermometer (approximate range: 0-200 °F)
  • syringe (approximate size 4 ml, for taking gas sample)
  • tape measure
  • calculator
  • colored tape to seal syringe
  • safety glasses, pair per student
  • Exposed Reaction Worksheet

To share with the entire class:

  • stopwatch
  • (optional) use of GC for data analysis of CO2 production; the production of CO2 can also be estimated through calculations using the stoichiometric balance of the reaction equation