Materials List: Oil:
Clean It Up!

  • an assortment of project materials, such as napkins, paper towels, rags, wax, flour, popsicle sticks, dried flowers, cotton, construction paper, sponges, oatmeal and kitty litter; consider providing all sorts of other materials and/or have students brainstorm about materials they think might be useful for their products/kits
  • materials for bonding items together, such as wire, string, glue, tape, super glue, hot glue
  • an assortment of oil types, for testing, such as cooking oil, motor oil, gasoline, etc.; depending on your students and how you want the challenge to go, consider limiting the types of oil students may choose from to those you are able to make available for design testing
  • materials with which to test products/kits for their cleaning effectiveness in simulated oil spills, such as linoleum squares, concrete blocks, tubs of soil/sand, tubs of water, squares of sod and/or other surfaces/materials that students target to clean
  • additional materials, if available, such as 3D pens to create rough designs of prototype products
  • computers with Internet access, for student research
  • poster board or butcher paper, for teams to create final summary posters