Materials List: Visualize Your Heartbeat

This activity works best with groups of 3 or 4.

Each group should get the following:

  • Adafruit Circuit Playground Express (CPX) board (other microcontrollers could be used as well but other components will be needed. See below.)
  • computer running Windows, OS X, or Linux (not tested with Chromebooks)
  • spreadsheet program (the given instructions were tested with Google Sheets
  • Arduino Programming IDE
  • microUSB cable (included with Circuit Playground Express)
  • If using a different microcontroller, here are the additional parts needed
    • multiple (3 or 4) LEDs of various colors
    • set of three or four 200 – 400 ohm resistors for use with LEDs
    • light sensor (photocell)
    • 10k-ohm resistor for use with the photocell
    • breadboards for building the circuit