Materials List: Mixture Dualism of Blood

Each group needs:

To share with the entire class:

  • computer with Internet access and a projector to show the class the Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous Mixtures Presentation, a PowerPoint® file, and four short online YouTube videos
  • centrifuge; note: electrically operated lab model centrifuges are commonly available in U.S. high school chemistry labs and many other schools often have hand centrifuges affixed on the corners of lab work benches; the centrifuge tubes, which are the tapered test tubes, are indispensable accessories for the centrifuge; recommended sources to purchase centrifuges are Flinn Scientific Company, Carolina Biological Company, and Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corporation
  • supplies to prepare a 1% solution of petroleum jelly in olive oil: glass beaker, digital scale, plastic spatula or spoon, 1 g Vaseline petroleum jelly, graduated cylinder, 100 ml olive oil, glass stirring rod
  • paper towels, a few cut into long thin pieces for clean-up of lab and centrifuge parts
  • water, sink, bowl of soapy water, test tube brushes, paper towels, for lab equipment clean-up