Materials List: Does My Model Valve Stack up to the Real Thing?

Each group needs:

  • computer or tablet for Internet research and data graphing; Microsoft Excel® or similar software is recommended so students can graph data and determine lines of best fit; if graphing software is not available, have students use graph paper and plot by hand, although a less-accurate method
  • ring stand
  • Engineering Design Handout
  • (optional) Rubric for Aortic Valve Model Portfolio/Presentation

To share with the entire class:

  • hanging mass sets
  • hooks for hanging materials from the ring stands
  • precise calipers and rulers, to measure very thin materials
  • a variety of materials from which groups can make models, such as balloons, paper, plastic, rubber, latex gloves, hose/tubing, clear plastic sheets, laminated cardboard or other household, recycled or found materials
  • a variety of materials and tools that students can use to fabricate models, such as tape, glue, scissors, paper clips, hot glue guns