Materials List: Hurricane!
Saving Lives via Logical Reasoning & Computer Science

For the teacher's introductory presentation:

  • computer (with Microsoft Excel® and Internet access) and LCD projector to show the class a satellite image of Hurricane Ike (Figure 1), an example Hurricane Tracking Assignment spreadsheet, an online video and an online animation
  • MATLAB software installed on the teacher's computer to run the MATLAB code; obtain a trial version or purchase a license at (strongly recommended, although the activity can be completed without MATLAB by using the data on the Hurricane Tracking Results, a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet, which was generated using the MATLAB code and software)
  • hurricane.m file
  • hurricane.dat file

Each group needs:

  • computer with Microsoft Excel® and MATLAB
  • Hurricane Tracking Map (see Figure 2)
  • Hurricane Tracking Assignment, a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet
  • MATLAB Code, in the form of a Microsoft Word® or PDF file for easy printing
  • ruler with centimeters marked
  • crayons, markers (or dry erase markers if using a laminated map)
  • calculator

For the entire class to share:

  • (optional) LCD projector, so students can display to the class their data and MATLAB software calculations

Note: As an alternative to the provided Hurricane Tracking Map, which uses a grid measured in miles, find a map that uses kilometers and modify the activity to use the metric system. Or, purchase large NOAA Atlantic hurricane tracking charts, from 18 x 24-inches to 60 x 80-inches, paper or laminated at