What Is Engineering?

"Engineering is all around us, so people often take it for granted. Ask yourself, what do I touch that is not engineered? Engineering develops and delivers consumer goods, builds the networks of highways, air and rail travel, and the Internet, mass produces antibiotics, creates artificial heart valves, builds lasers, and offers such wonders as imaging technology and conveniences like microwave ovens and compact discs. In short, engineers make our quality of life possible."
- Bill Wulf, Former president, National Academy of Engineering"

Engineers are creative problem solvers. Engineers couple creativity and imagination with analytical skills to meet the needs of people while preserving our planet's resources and cultures.

Engineers make a world of difference. Engineers have a hand in designing, creating or modifying nearly everything in our daily lives. Things like cars and computers are all products of imaginative engineering, and so are bubble gum and movie special effects.

Engineering is essential to our health, happiness and safety. The innovations of engineers fuel economic growth, fortify national security systems, improve health care and safeguard the environment.

Engineers help shape the future. Engineers are at the center of creative solutions to address current and future global challenges.

"Scientists investigate what is; they discover new knowledge by peering into the unknown. Engineers create what has not been; they make things that have never existed before."
- Joe Bordogna, former deputy director, National Science Foundation

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