What is Engineering?

“Engineering is all around us, so it’s often taken for granted. Ask yourself, what do I touch that is not engineered? Engineers develop and deliver consumer goods; design the transportation network of highways, air and rail travel; create and improve the internet; mass produce antibiotics; create artificial heart valves and other life saving medical devices; build lasers; and make wonders such as imaging technology and conveniences like microwave ovens and compact discs even possible. In short, engineers make our quality of life possible.”

- Bill Wulf, Former President, National Academy of Engineering

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Engineering is the ultimate human endeavor, creating solutions to the world’s challenges and designing the products that support our quality of life. TeachEngineering makes engineering easy and hands-on for students of all grade levels and in any setting. Browse our extensive curricular collection, learn about the different types of engineering, or watch our YouTube videos that provide step-by-step guidance on how to teach hands-on engineering to anyone, in any setting!

“Scientists investigate what is; they discover new knowledge in the universe by peering into the unknown. Engineers design and create what has never existed before.”

- Joe Bordogna, Former Deputy Director, National Science Foundation

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