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TeachEngineering FAQs

TeachEngineering is FREE for educators everywhere! No fees. No special kits or materials to buy.

No membership is required. We’ve created MyTE, an optional community and workspace where you can keep track of your favorite curricula.

TeachEngineering is here to make it easy, accessible and FREE for all educators to bring engineering into their classroom. A good starting point is to watch our step-by-step YouTube videos, so you can see how easy teaching engineering can be! You can also browse our editor's pick, most popular and recently added curricula to help you get started—all available from the home page.

There are many pathways to find the curricula that is right for your classroom. From any page, enter your search terms into the top right search box or use the Browse Curriculum search tools to find the right curriculum for you and your classroom. You can browse by curriculum type, by standards or subject area, even by curriculum that includes a step-by-step YouTube video. We also have an extensive browsing sidebar that allows you to narrow your results by terms you are searching for, such as grade level, time required and more.

Yes. Every lesson and activity is explicitly aligned to the science and/or math educational standards of the state in which it was first developed and classroom tested, as well as to the Common Core Math, Next Generation Science and ITEEA standards, if they apply. You can even Search Curricula by Standard to find ones that directly align to your specific standards.

Our approach is "engineering on a shoestring"—meaning in most cases, our activities use materials that you can find in your classroom, school, home, grocery or hardware store. There are some exceptions, so make sure to take a quick look at the Materials List to see the complete list of materials required. At the top of each activity, we also list the Expendable Cost per Group to give you an estimate of what the materials might cost.

Engineering is the ultimate human endeavor! Through engineering, we’ve improved our world through innovative designs and projects in a variety of fields, from building supercomputers and harnessing the power of biotechnology to sending probes to the outer reaches our our Solar System. Engineering helps us realize our potential. For more on engineering, check out our 'What is Engineering?' video to help students understand how engineers shape the future!
Engineering design is a vehicle for the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) into K-12 settings, as well as an outlet for creative problem solving. Learn more about design-thinking and how students can apply this knowledge, either in a classroom or in an informal learning setting.

We want everyone, especially students, to understand the importance of engineering so find out more about Why K-12 Engineering matters! We also have a page dedicated to Types of Engineering for Kids’ Exploration for teachers to help students explore how engineers contribute to the greater good.

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