About TeachEngineering and FAQs

TeachEngineering is a searchable, web-based digital library collection comprised of standards-based engineering curricula for use by K-12 educators to make applied science and math come alive through engineering design in K-12 settings. The TeachEngineering collection provides educators with *free* access to a growing curricular resource of activities, lessons, units, maker challenges, and sprinkles for use in informal education settings.

Formation of the TeachEngineering collection was funded primarily under the NSF National Science Digital Library program, aiming to establish a national digital library that constitutes an online network of learning environments and resources for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at all levels. Many other generous sponsors and web partners have enabled its ongoing development and promotion.

What does it cost? Use of TeachEngineering curriculum is free to educators. There is no fee; there is no membership requirement; and there are no special kits or materials to buy.

Is membership required? No. An optional MyTE workspace allows you to keep track of your favorite lessons and activities, or to share your experiences, but that's up to you to use or not.

How do I get access? Just search and use! From any page, enter your search terms into the top right search box or use the Find Curriculum search on the home page to find what you want for your classroom from hundreds of lessons and activities. You can also use various other browse, editor's pick, most popular and recently added features to examine the lessons and activities—all available from the home page.

Is curriculum aligned to education standards? Yes. Every lesson and activity is explicitly aligned to the science and/or math educational standards of the state in which it was first developed and classroom tested, as well as to the Common Core Math, Next-Gen Science and ITEEA standards, if they apply. If you are looking for lessons or activities to meet a certain standard, go to Search Educational Standards, find the standard of interest and all aligned lessons and activities will be indicated.

Do the lessons and activities use everyday materials, or kits? Our approach is "engineering on a shoestring"—meaning that in most cases, our activities use materials that you can find in your classroom, school, home, grocery store or hardware store. There are exceptions, such as some that require LEGO robot kits, but a quick look at the Materials List will clarify the materials required. At the top of each activity, note the Expendable Cost per Group to get an estimate of what the materials might cost. Then scroll down to the Materials List to see a complete list of items.

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