Next Generation Science Standards*

The Next Generation Science Standards framework, released in 2013, promotes student engagement in science and engineering practices and emphasizes crosscutting concepts that deepen students' understanding of the core ideas in these fields.

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Why Align to NGSS?

Teachable and learnable over multiple grades at increasing levels of depth and sophistication
Broad importance across multiple science or engineering disciplines or are key organizing concepts of a single discipline
Provides a key tool for understanding or investigating more complex ideas and for solving problems
Relates to the interests and life experiences of students or can be connected to societal or personal concerns that draw on scientific or technical knowledge

TeachEngineering Exemplars

TeachEngineering curriculum provides innovative resources and ideas for teachers using NGSS. The hands-on activities and lessons in the collection are either fully aligned to NGSS or not aligned.

Close Encounters of the Polymer Kind
Polymers are a vital part of our everyday lives and nearly all consumer products have a plastic component of some variation. Students explore the basic characteristics of polymers. Read more
Earthquake in the Classroom
Students learn how engineers construct buildings to withstand damage from earthquakes by building their own structures with toothpicks and marshmallows. Read more
Straw Bridges
Working as engineering teams, students design and create model beam bridges using plastic drinking straws and tape as their construction materials. Read more