Massachusetts: Science [2001]

 •   Explicitly Aligned Strand 4: Technology/Engineering ...more
     (Grades PreK - 8)

 •   Explicitly Aligned 2. Engineering Design ...more
     (Grades PreK - 8)

 •   Explicitly Aligned Broad Concept: Engineering design requires creative thinking and strategies to solve practical problems generated by needs and wants. ...more
     (Grades 3 - 5)

Current Standard

 •   2.2 Describe different ways in which a problem can be represented, e.g., sketches, diagrams, graphic organizers, and lists.
     (Grades 3 - 5)

Aligned Activities
 Space Shelter Explicitly Aligned
 Build an Approximate Scale Model of an Object Explicitly Aligned
 Make an Alarm! Explicitly Aligned
 Charlotte's Web Explicitly Aligned
 Viscosity: The Flow of Milk SAT Aligned
 Bacteria Are Everywhere! SAT Aligned
 Timing a Speedbot! SAT Aligned


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