Massachusetts: Science [2001]

 •   Strand 4: Technology/Engineering ...more
     (Grades PreK - 8)

 •   2. Engineering Design ...more
     (Grades PreK - 8)

 •   Broad Concept: Engineering design requires creative thinking and strategies to solve practical problems generated by needs and wants. ...more
     (Grades 3 - 5)

Current Standard

 •   2.2 Describe different ways in which a problem can be represented, e.g., sketches, diagrams, graphic organizers, and lists.
     (Grades 3 - 5)

Aligned Activities
 Journey to the Afterlife SAT Aligned
 Space Shelter SAT Aligned
 Viscosity: The Flow of Milk SAT Aligned
 Build an Approximate Scale Model of an Object SAT Aligned
 Wimpy Radar Antenna SAT Aligned
 Charlotte's Web SAT Aligned
 Bacteria Are Everywhere! SAT Aligned
 Make an Alarm! SAT Aligned
 Timing a Speedbot! SAT Aligned
Aligned Lessons
 Investigating Torque SAT Aligned
 Fairly Fundamental Facts about Forces and Structures SAT Aligned


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