North Carolina: Math [2003]

 •   Explicitly Aligned Strands: Number and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Probability, Algebra ...more
     (Grades K - 8)

 •   COMPETENCY GOAL 4: The learner will collect, organize and display data. ...more
     (Grades K - K)

Current Standard

 •   4.01 Collect and organize data as a group activity.
     (Grades K - K)

Aligned Activities
 How High Can a Super Ball Bounce? SAT Aligned
 Using Graph Theory to Analyze Drama SAT Aligned
 Testing with JUnit SAT Aligned
 Testing the Edges SAT Aligned
 Graphing Your Social Network SAT Aligned
 Exploring Acceleration with an Android SAT Aligned
 Energy Perspectives SAT Aligned
 Renew-a-Bead SAT Aligned
 Energy Choices Game SAT Aligned
 Graphing the Spread of Disease SAT Aligned
Aligned Lessons
 Using JUnit SAT Aligned
 Graph Theory in Drama SAT Aligned
 Making the Connection SAT Aligned
 Energy Resources and Systems SAT Aligned
 The Energy Problem SAT Aligned


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