Maryland: Science [2002]

 •   Goal 1: Skills and Processes ...more
     (Grades 9 - 12)

 •   Expectation 1.1: The student will explain why curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism are highly regarded in science.  ...more
     (Grades 9 - 12)

Current Standard

 •   The student will recognize that real problems have more than one solution and decisions to accept one solution over another are made on the basis of many issues.
     (Grades 9 - 12)

Aligned Activities
 Egg Drop SAT Aligned
 Solving Energy Problems SAT Aligned
 Gears: Lift It Up! SAT Aligned
 All Fat Is Not Created Equal! SAT Aligned
 Deformation: Nanocomposite Compression SAT Aligned
 Efficiency of an Electromechanical System SAT Aligned
 Traffic Lights SAT Aligned
 Efficiency of a Water Heating System SAT Aligned
 Energy Systems SAT Aligned
 Energy Sources Research SAT Aligned
 Renew-a-Bead SAT Aligned
 Wind Chimes SAT Aligned
 Super Slinger Engineering Challenge SAT Aligned
 Amusement Park Ride: Ups and Downs in Design SAT Aligned
 Chair Design SAT Aligned
 Hydraulic Arm Challenge SAT Aligned
 Focus on Fabrics: Putting Materials to Good Use SAT Aligned
 Challenges of Laparoscopic Surgery SAT Aligned
 Automatic Floor Cleaner Computer Program Challenge SAT Aligned
 E.G. Benedict's Ambulance Patient Safety Challenge SAT Aligned
 Wristwatch Design for the Visually Impaired SAT Aligned
 The Hospital of the Future: Engineering through Robotics and Automated Patient Care SAT Aligned
 The Stress That You Apply SAT Aligned
 Building Our Bridge to Fun! SAT Aligned
 Portable Wheelchair Ramp Challenge SAT Aligned
 Tower Investigation and the Egg SAT Aligned
 Off-Road Wheelchair Challenge SAT Aligned
 Making Decisions: Packaging and the Environment SAT Aligned
 Designing a Robotic Surgical Device SAT Aligned
 Can It Support You? No Bones about It! SAT Aligned
 Test-a-Beam SAT Aligned
 Spaghetti Bridge SAT Aligned
 Sensing Your Surroundings SAT Aligned
 Trebuchet Launch SAT Aligned
 Recycled Towers SAT Aligned
 The Car with a Lot of Potential SAT Aligned
 Arctic Animal Robot SAT Aligned
 Don't Crack Humpty SAT Aligned
 Ready, Set, Escape SAT Aligned
 Design an Egyptian Playground SAT Aligned
 Journey to the Afterlife SAT Aligned
 Materials Properties Make a Difference SAT Aligned
 Broken Bones & Biomedical Materials SAT Aligned
 Design a Carrying Device for People Using Crutches SAT Aligned
 Chromatography Lab CAT Aligned
 Red Cabbage Chemistry CAT Aligned
 What's the Conductivity of Gatorade? CAT Aligned
 Design Step 1: Identify the Need CAT Aligned
 Thinking Green! CAT Aligned
 Concentrate This! Sugar or Salt... CAT Aligned
 Cell Membrane Experimental Design CAT Aligned
 Basically Acidic Ink CAT Aligned
 Let the Blood Flow CAT Aligned
 If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Precipitate! CAT Aligned
Aligned Lessons
 Problem Solving SAT Aligned
 Energy Projects SAT Aligned
 Energy Efficiency SAT Aligned
 Energy Resources and Systems SAT Aligned
 Fairly Fundamental Facts about Forces and Structures SAT Aligned
 Bones! Bones! Bones! SAT Aligned
 The Strongest Pump of All CAT Aligned
 Basically Acids CAT Aligned
 The Grand Challenge: Fix the Hip Challenge CAT Aligned
 Designing Medical Devices for the Ear CAT Aligned


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