International Technology and Engineering Educators Association: Technology [2000]

 •   Explicitly Aligned Abilities for a Technological World ...more
     (Grades K - 12)

 •   Explicitly Aligned Standard 11. Students will develop abilities to apply the design process.  ...more
     (Grades K - 12)

 •   Explicitly Aligned As part of learning how to apply design processes, students should learn that: ...more
     (Grades K - 12)

Current Standard

 •   M. Identify the design problem to solve and decide whether or not to address it.
     (Grades 9 - 12)

Aligned Activities
 High Arches, Low Arches Explicitly Aligned
 An Implementation of Steganography Explicitly Aligned
 Learning Imaging Techniques! Explicitly Aligned
 Catching the Perfect SAR Waves! Explicitly Aligned
 Cell Membrane Experimental Design Explicitly Aligned
 Keepers of the Gate Journal and Brainstorm Explicitly Aligned
Aligned Lessons
 Engineering Brainstorming Explicitly Aligned
 Designing a Sustainable Guest Village in the Saguaro National Park Explicitly Aligned
 The Grand Challenge Explicitly Aligned
 Detecting Breast Cancer Explicitly Aligned
 The Grand Challenge: Fix the Hip Challenge Explicitly Aligned
 The Keepers of the Gate Challenge Explicitly Aligned
 Tell Me Doc—Will I Get Cancer? Explicitly Aligned
 Bone Density Challenge Introduction Explicitly Aligned


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