Colorado: Math [2009]

 •   Explicitly Aligned Standard: 4. Shape, Dimension, and Geometric Relationships ...more
     (Grades PreK - 12)

 •   1. Polygons can be described, classified, and analyzed by their attributes ...more
     (Grades 6 - 6)

Current Standard

 •   d. Use accurate geometric notation to describe angles, lines, and segments
     (Grades 6 - 6)

Aligned Activities
 Testing Fundamental Loads CAT Aligned
 Right on Target: Catapult Game CAT Aligned
 Whose Field Line Is It, Anyway? CAT Aligned
 Forces on the Human Molecule CAT Aligned
 Glue Sticks Bend & Twist CAT Aligned
 Determining Concentration CAT Aligned
 Portable Sundial CAT Aligned
 A LEGO Introduction to Graphing CAT Aligned
 Forces and Graphing CAT Aligned
Aligned Lessons
 Launch into Learning: Catapults! CAT Aligned
 Stormy Skies CAT Aligned


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