Colorado: Science [2009]

 •   Explicitly Aligned Standard: 3. Earth Systems Science ...more
     (Grades PreK - 12)

 •   Explicitly Aligned 3. Weather conditions change because of the uneven heating of Earth\'s surface by the Sun\'s energy. Weather changes are measured by differences in temperature, air pressure, wind and water in the atmosphere and type of precipitation ...more
     (Grades 5 - 5)

Current Standard

 •   d. Use data collection tools and measuring devices to gather, organize, and analyze data such as temperature, air pressure, wind, and humidity in relation to daily weather conditions
     (Grades 5 - 5)

Aligned Activities
 How Predictable! Explicitly Aligned
 Make Your Own Temperature Scale Explicitly Aligned
 How Much Heat Will It Hold? Explicitly Aligned
 Turning the Air Upside Down Explicitly Aligned
 Good News – We're on the Rise! Explicitly Aligned
 I Can't Take the Pressure! Explicitly Aligned
 Capturing the Sun's Warmth Explicitly Aligned
 Dripping Wet or Dry as a Bone? Explicitly Aligned


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