The TeachEngineering Digital Library is an educational resource featuring standards-aligned, design-rich curricula.

Our goal is to help educators put the ‘E’ in STEM— by making applied science, technology, and math come alive through engineering design and design thinking.

University engineering faculty, graduate students and K-12 teachers across the nation developed and classroom tested the contents of the TeachEngineering collection, which is built on equity. The collection promotes "engineering on a shoestring budget" and features hands-on activities that use easily accessible, low-cost materials.

TeachEngineering focuses on creating a more inclusive classroom and leveling the playing field across the socioeconomic spectrum by allowing ALL students to tap into their unique backgrounds and experiences in a meaningful way that informs design decisions.

The collection features hands-on activities that use easily accessible, low-cost materials.

TeachEngineering was founded in 2001 and is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). TeachEngineering continues to expand with published curricula from over 60 different institutions. Individual authors who make specific contributions receive recognition at the end of every curricular resource.

Most curricular contributions are authored by the teachers, professors, and graduate students associated with NSF-funded engineering colleges from across the country, primarily GK-12 and RET grantees. TeachEngineering wouldn't be possible without support from these generous sponsors and partners who have helped to establish, develop and promote this collection to help make teaching STEM easy and accessible for K-12 educators everywhere.

The curricular resources on TeachEngineering are aligned to various STEM educational standards that include state science and math, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Standards for Technical and Engineering Literacy (STEL) and Common Core Math standards. Each lesson and activity undergoes a close examination to determine the most suitable standard alignments that teachers can use for their instructional planning.

In 2010, TeachEngineering received a "recognition of excellence" award from the National Science Digital Library—the National Science Foundation's online library of resources and collections for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and research.

To support the shift in science learning and be on the leading edge of science education, we have begun incorporating phenomena-focused and sensemaking components in our curriculum. Our goal is to focus on integrating the three-dimensional learning elements of the NGSS to make sense of phenomena in instruction and student assessment.

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TeachEngineering is part of the Integrated Teaching & Learning Program (ITLP) at the College of Engineering & Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. The ITLP is a nationally recognized award-winning leader in engineering education, and plays a critical role in supporting the mission and staff of TeachEngineering.

Our YouTube videos are created in-house at the ITLP by a motivated and creative group of undergraduate engineering students! From brainstorming and storyboarding to filming and production, these CU engineering students make our videos come alive. Check out their work (and subcribe!) via our YouTube channel.

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