Unit Waste & Recycling

Colorful recycling trash containers for recycling and disposal of waste.
Colorful recycling trash containers for recycling and disposal of waste.
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Where does trash go when it's thrown away? In this unit, students explore solid waste management and the value of 3RC: reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost. Students sort materials as recyclable and non-recyclable as they learn about the processes and pitfalls of landfills. They learn how engineers are designing low-cost packaging that also has a low environmental impact, and how some engineers reuse old materials while designing new buildings.

Engineering Connection

Engineering is involved in all processes of waste management and recycling. Civil, mechanical, and environmental engineers work together to use reuse old materials and use recycled materials in new buildings. Chemical engineers design environmentally-friendly recyclable materials for packaging. Environmental engineers develop new technologies for landfills where methane from compostable materials is collected and used to generate electricity.


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Unit Schedule

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