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Professional Development workshops this summer!

Learn to integrate engineering design into your STEM curriculum

Integrating Engineering Design into Your PK-12 STEM Curriculum

and making connections to NGSS science phenomena

June 14-15 (Full)   or   August 9-10 (Full)

8:30a-4:30p MT each day

This workshop will focus on implementing hands-on engineering design challenges for PK-12 youth. Teachers will be introduced to the three-dimensional elements of the NGSS and they will learn how these elements support both phenomena-based learning and engineering design thinking.

Learn about resources and work with engineering design activities that support both in-person and remote student teams, building on phenomena that students encounter in their everyday lives. 

Participants will explore the engineering design process, engineering applications of real-world science and technology challenges, global interconnectedness of engineering, and various engineering careers. In addition, they will solidify how design thinking can be used in a solutions-focused, human-centered way to creatively solve real-world problems that we all experience in our everyday lives.

Engineering Prototyping and Pedagogy Skills and Tools for PK-12

June 16-17 (Full)   or   August 11-12 (Full)

8:30a-4:30p MT each day

Participants will actively use resources that can help students understand and integrate engineering prototyping technologies and design thinking into their science and math learning.

Collaborate with engineering design, engineering pedagogy and teacher professional development experts to learn the pedagogical practices that support engineering design. And, with new colleagues, enhance your PK-12 engineering design skills through hands-on experience with online engineering design tools as you self-select skill-building sessions on topics such as Prototyping on a Shoestring, OnShape (CAD), TinkerCAD (circuits/arduinos), remote design team project management (Trello), system flowcharts ( and teamwork.

Top those off with a hands-on break-out that dives into the importance of engineering design and design thinking in the NGSS.

$55 per virtual workshop

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CU Graduate Teacher Education Credit is available for each workshop

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Attend the first ASEE endorsed PK-12 engineering teacher PD workshops

Meet new colleagues and hone your design thinking and doing skills in these two-day, learn-by-doing workshops that support you to put the “E” in STEM back in your classroom. Together, we’ve got this.

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