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Integrating Engineering Design into Your PK-12 STEM Curriculum

August 5-6

8:00am-4:00pm MT each day

This workshop will focus on implementing hands-on engineering design challenges for K-12 youth while making NGSS connections. Teachers will be introduced to the role of phenomena and sensemaking in science and engineering and will learn how the three-dimensional elements of the NGSS support both phenomena-based learning and engineering design thinking.

Using FREE curriculum available from the TeachEngineering Digital Library, participants will work on hands-on engineering design activities that support both in-person and remote student teams, building on phenomena that students encounter in their everyday lives.

Participants will explore the engineering design process, engineering applications of real-world science and technology challenges, global interconnectedness of engineering, and various engineering careers. In addition, they will solidify how design thinking can be used in a solutions-focused, human-centered way to creatively solve real-world problems that we all experience in our everyday lives.

Engineering Prototyping and Pedagogy Skills and Tools for K-12

August 7-8

8:00am-4:00pm MT each day

Participants will actively use resources that can help students understand and integrate engineering prototyping technologies and design thinking into their science and math learning.

Together they will collaborate with engineering design, engineering pedagogy and teacher professional development experts to learn the pedagogical practices that support engineering design. And, with new colleagues, enhance your K-12 engineering design skills through hands-on experience with online engineering design tools.

This workshop will also include a hands-on, break-out session that dives into the importance of engineering design and design thinking in the NGSS while engaging in a fun design challenge.

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More professional development opportunties from our partners at ASPIRE:

Creative Engineering Design: Sustainability & Engineering PD

FREE Virtual Workshop for High School STEM Teachers

Creative Engineering Design is a teacher-tested high school introductory engineering course that explores engineering concepts and real-world engineering applications through the lens of environmental justice and sustainable electric vehicle (EV) technology.

The Creative Engineering Design course broadens your students’ understanding and interest in engineering through the innovative work of the National Science Foundation-funded ASPIRE Engineering Research Center, which aims to make equitable and sustainable widespread electric vehicle-based transportation a reality.

This workshop highlights Creative Engineering Design content areas including:

  • engineering design process
  • engineering skills (basic CAD, circuits & motors)
  • transportation-related environmental justice themes (air quality, pollution impacts, public health)
  • team-based model EV design challenge

Creative Engineering Design offers a flexible instructional schedule and integrates affordable low- and high-tech engineering skill components to bring engineering to life for students.

The Creative Engineering Design course will broaden your students’ understanding and interest in engineering through the innovative work of the National Science Foundation-funded ASPIRE Engineering Research Center whose goal is to develop and implement sustainable widespread roadway electrification that is accessible and equitable for all communities.

Creative Engineering Design fosters engineering literacy for diverse high school students, and supports paving their way to becoming future engineers and STEM leaders who want to change the world for the better!

Join an in-person PD workshop at the following 2024 conferences:

NSTA National Conference, Denver, CO on Friday, March 22

ASEE Rocky Mountain Section Conference, Boulder, CO on May 15-17 (date TBC)

ASEE National Conference, Portland, OR on Saturday, June 22




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