International Technology and Engineering Educators Association

The Standards for Technological Literacy (STL) developed by the ITEEA establish content and outcomes to promote grades K-12 technology literacy through an emphasis on the nature of technology, technology and society, the engineering design process, abilities for a technological world and an examination of the designed world.

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Why Align to ITEEA?

Standards for Technological Literacy

Provide a common set of developmentally appropriate expectations in the study of technology, including the engineering design process
Connect the study of technology to other fields of study in grades K-12
Promote active learning skills and provide qualitative expectations of excellence
Present the knowledge and abilities necessary for K-12 students to become technologically literate

TeachEngineering Exemplars

TeachEngineering curriculum provides innovative resources and ideas for teachers using ITEEA. All curricular units, hands-on activities and lessons in the collection are fully aligned to ITEEA.

Should I Drink That?
Students perform one of the first steps that environmental engineers do to determine water quality-sampling and analysis. Read more
Do Different Colors Absorb Heat Better?
Students learn how engineers construct buildings to withstand damage from earthquakes by building their own structures with toothpicks and marshmallows. Read more
What Is Heat?
Students learn about the definition of heat as a form of energy and how it exists in everyday life. They learn about the three types of heat transfer—conduction, convection and radiation—as well as the connection between heat and insulation. Read more