Lesson Supplies to Survive in the Jungle

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Grade Level: 5

Time Required: 15 minutes

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Subject Areas: Earth and Space

An aerial view of the Amazon rainforest showing a wide river winding through dense green forests.
What supplies are needed to survive the Amazon?
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At this stage of the "Lost in the Amazon" (hypothetical) adventure, students determine what supplies they will take with them to survive their trip through the Amazon. They use estimation and basic math skills to determine how much they can carry and what they can use to survive in the jungle environment as they travel on to their destination.

Engineering Connection

Engineers use critical thinking skills to identify what criteria are important for success and what criteria are not important. Then they make design decisions based on these criteria.

Learning Objectives

After this lesson, students should be able to:

  • Determine survival skills in the Amazon
  • Use estimation and basic math skills to determine how much they can carry and what they can use to survive in the jungle environment 

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Read the following part of the storyline with your students:

Now that you have decided where you are going and figured out about how long it will take, it is time to decide what to take with you. Start to think about everything that you might need. What will you take? Will you have everything you need to survive the trip to Manaus?

Lesson Background and Concepts for Teachers

None for this lesson.

Associated Activities

  • What to Bring? - Students examine a list of items that remain after the plane crash in the jungle. They organize the supplies to classify which are useful for surviving the upcoming trek to safety. They use estimation and basic math skills to determine how much they can carry.

Lesson Closure

Discuss with students what kinds of supplies are needed in the jungle environment. Were there items not included on the list of supplies that survived the plane crash that they wish they could bring with them for their journey?


Worksheet: Have each group complete the associated activity worksheets Review their answers to gauge their depth of comprehension.


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